Often, planning a vacation or a business trip, we are ready to give up comfort for the sake of economy. Let’s try to answer the question “why pay more”.

In case of force majeure, you will not spend too much on the exchange of air tickets. Business customers can change the departure dates without additional charges. In addition, you will often be met and delivered on board if you are late a little by the end of registration.
You do not have to stand in a long line to register for the flight. For owners of business-class air tickets there are separate check-in desks at the airports. Everything is really fast and convenient.
You will not stand in the second line to control aviation security and look enviously at the passing “elite” passengers. At many airports, a separate control line for aviation security functions for business clients. Without queues.
In anticipation of a flight at international airports, business class passengers are provided with a separate Business Lounge. There are comfortable armchairs, work area, internet, telephone, bar with snacks and, most importantly, silence.
The business class ticket exceeds the weight norms for carrying baggage by quantity and weight. You can take with you to the salon hand luggage of more weight or two seats. In addition, upon arrival at the destination, you will have priority in the issue of baggage on the tape.
The Business lounge is located in front of the plane, where there is less noise and vibration. There are two seats in the row, the seats are located at some distance from each other, they have comfortable headrests that will ensure the comfort of work and leisure. A stewardess will bring a blanket and a pillow.
In the business class you can have a snack at any convenient time. And not on plastic dishes …
Bar is most often free. So you do not have to be content with just a glass of water.
Very often, having issued a ticket for flight business class, you can get more bonus miles and save the next time.

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