It just so happened that living in a hotel is not cheap pleasure. Nevertheless, there are a number of items that the hotel administration should provide in case you forget something at home.

Mobile phone charger

In 2010, mobile charging was recognized as the most commonly forgotten thing in hotels; as a result – hotels began to rent mobile recharges. Next time with such a problem, feel free to contact the reception manager. Most likely, the manager will provide a whole box with a large assortment of original phone recharges.

Tourist card

The hotels store such guides in the foyer, and some even in the rooms. Also in the hotel you can find information about local attractions and places of food.

Equipment for hair care

The bathrooms of the hotels usually have a compact hairdryer. And what about other equipment for hair care, for example, ploits or ironing? Call the reception – and they will be happy to help.


It’s no secret that tourists often forget to take them. Do not worry, some hotels provide socks for forgetful customers. Here is such a pleasant surprise!

Toothpaste and mouth rinse

Miniature bottles with shampoo and air conditioning are mandatory for the complete bathroom, but often the toothpaste is not included in the set of bathroom accessories in hotels. However, the hotel administration always has a way out of the situation.

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