Many are interested in the question of how the travel-bloggers are obtained annually on the road from a couple of months to six months or more. It turns out that this is quite real …


Find a job that allows long absences

If you are a travel fan, work in a tourist business is suitable for you. In our latitudes winter, and in Thailand – the season, and vice versa. Out of season, when there are no customers, such employees rest and travel at reduced prices, learn new routes and offer hotels. The work of the guide is suitable for those who are not afraid of early ascents, easily gets along with people and knows how to engage the public with their stories. Another option that does not require knowledge in history is the work of the hotel guide. This is a person who sells tours and helps tourists solve problems with the hotel.


Without interruption from work

Industrial climbers, instructors of diving and downhill skiing also often earn money when traveling. And freelancers of any profession can travel between projects, and even without interruption from work.


To save money and leave

Quite a popular scheme, which is used by many novice travelers: worked – postponed money – left, returned – found a new job. This is convenient if you are able to live and travel sparingly and (yet) do not want to make a career or if your goal is to make one big trip.


Making money on the way

Not all countries can quickly find a well-paid job. Knowledge of languages ​​in such a situation is a huge plus. In order not to have problems with the law, you need a work visa. As a rule, you are shining work or piecework, or not requiring high qualification (waiter, fruit collector, for example).

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