Yes, they are! Lay such roads at a specific altitude above ground level, given the optimal place of flight. Another name for such roads is “jet routes”. The country necessarily issues a permit for the use of the air corridor, with various natural anomalies or during military operations, the road segment is blocked. When calculating roads, meteorological information, regulation and movement control are taken into account on a par with these data.

About five thousand airplanes are moving in the air in different directions at the same time. Dispatchers from headquarters accompany each ship. The pilot during the flight without the dispatcher’s consent to change the corridor is not powerful. The only permitted option in case of a thunderstorm is in the echelon.

Moving along the corridors between planes is a lateral separation, it must be at least 1 km. At the airport and along the route the corridors are different.

The interrelation between altitude and flight speed is obvious, the airlines give priority to the financial savings of flights when calculating, and secondly meteorological conditions and care of passengers are taken into account.

Compare the altitude of the flight of various aircraft.

The optimum flight of a passenger vessel passes at an altitude of 10-12 thousand meters. Military aircraft fly much higher; for example, interceptors or scouts are capable of climbing 25,000 meters above ground level. The jet board holds a height of 25 km. Cargo planes fly at the same height as the passenger planes. Light aircraft, whose speed does not exceed 300 km / h, carry out flights at a level of 2 km above the ground.

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